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Queen Elizabeth's Lace

Jennie Luna


Born in Youngstown, Ohio 

Resides in Portland,Maine

As a little girl, I was always taken and bewildered by photos. My sister and I would take pictures, and we would take them to the one hour photomat driv-thru and drop them off...60 minutes felt like days. Picking up our pictures was like Christmas morning!

Coming from a long line of artists, my sister, brothers and mother are the people who really sparked my passion for the arts and all things aesthetically pleasing to the eye with their amazing talents with photography, paint, charcoal, watercolor, oil and pottery skills.They reminded me of King Midas; Whatever they touched, they made so beautiful that it would almost make me cry. My brother, Sarge always had a pencil in his hand. He was always creating something amazing. My family had such passion for the arts that it was impossible not to feel it coming from them.

Moving from the flatlands of Ohio to the rocky coast of Maine was brutal for me. I left all of my comforts behind until one night, the ocean and me...We had a few drinks together and we bonded. Deeply. She told me that whenever I needed solace to come see, smell, feel and breathe her in. It was cleansing down to my soul. This pushed me to place my moods into my photos. I live through my work. My hope is that I am able to convey these moods thru my lens and into my photographs to those who see them.


Cheers! Enjoy!

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